Rock lift of in the 60`s and hasn`t landed yet.
 Guitars and synthesizers glide between galaxies and brain cells. In Portugal, astrorockers inhabit in saturnia.
 The dark side of saturnia

 Portuguese Space rock has a name: Saturnia.Luis Simões`s and Francisco Rebelo`s project got their second album released recently, "The Glitter Odd", it is, acordingly to Luis Simões, a "mixture of super contemporary things, electronica , psychedelia and "head music". First curious aspect: it was released by a New zealand label, after a review of their debut record in "Progression" magazine.There is the possibility of a Portuguese release but, for the time being, whoever wants to get it without having to go to the Australian continent will be able to get it, through the InterNet, at
More personal and "dark" than the previous album, "The Glitter Odd", released from the Hawkwind ship, does not excuse the psychedelic humming of  " Ummagumma " Pink Floyd, still tuned to LSD, and the bittersweet odor and telepatic emissions of Gong. By the way, it is a gong that stands out on the cover of the album, a gong that sounds in the last track, "The Glitter Odd", one of the tripyest- "this far, the most experimental Saturnia track, related to 'musique concrete'(W.N.:musique concrete, as it was theorized and set to practice by French composer Pierre Schaeffer), but also with Tangerine Dream, of the "Zeit"phase".
Luis Simões floats in a dimension some steps above normal consciousceness, speaks of "atmospherics", "birds" and "space ambiances", speaking of the floydian side of " The Glitter Odd ", this type of sound is being more and more recovered by recent bands, he notices.It is the more ethereal side of Saturnia that, with the groove of "ambient techno "and " trance", apeals to the dance "of the head, naturaly". Although he finds the opinion of those who accuse him of nostalgia legitimate, Simões doesen`t worry. Everything depends on how you understand "time capsules" and the way these inter-act with "musical-social" aspects. Actually,  "the  60`s are a perfectly current thing, historicly they happened only a few minutes ago..."

Publico 01/02/2002 Fernando Magalhães