Hydrophonic Gardening
Elektrohasch Records EH 133

1     Hydroponic Gardening     
2     Kozmische (Parts 1 And 2)     
3     Sunflower    
4     Lava Lamp    
5     Planetarium     
6     Vimana  
7     Omnia

All Music and Lyrics written and performed by Luis Simões. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Luis Simões between September 2001 and November 2002 at Butterfly Sound. Luis Simões: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic guitar(picked, bowed and e-bowed), Lap steel guitar, Electric and Acoustic sitar,Bass guitar, Philicorda and Hammond organ, Synthesizer, Theremin, Gong, Chimes, Sampled keyboards and SequencingArtwork by Luis Simões, Photographs by Eduardo Vasconcelos