Hydrophonic Gardening

Traveling to saturn, or to where imagination dares, is easy, listening to Saturnia.After a promissing debut album, Luís Simões and Francisco Rebelo refined the sound and the reach of these sound trips that plunge the spirit in an ocean of sinesthesia.Although in the trance theme  "Kozmische (parts 1 and 2)", the beat gets drained in low grade ozric tentacles-like psychedelia, the whole album releases a genuinely altered state inducing energy that ranges from euphoric dervixic dances to the intimacy of secret alucination."Hydrophonic Gardening" carries echoes of pink floyd, klaus schulze and steve hillage, filtered by a vision capable of mutating these influences in a personalized music."Sunflower" reminds the floating mysticism of yatha sidhra."Lava Lamp" will delight heart of space new age adicts and so will "Planetarium", covered with misterious tones of synthesizer and theremin, ideal to watch a u.f.o.`s arrival, like in Kevin Braheny`s "The Way Home"."Vimana" and "Omnia", the most trippy fruits of this hydrophonic gardening, shoot towards space,carrying respectively syd barrett and the aquatic waves of "meddle".
Set the controls for the heart of the sun is the guideline again.Saturnia take you there.

Publico 28-11-2003 Fernando Magalhães