Impressions of a festival

(...)from those records, the less divulged due to being sold out, where Saturnia`s, a portuguese band that replaced Tantra on the bill three weeks before the festival`s date.
Maybe because of that, the duo consisting of Luís Simões and Francisco Rebelo where the big unknown of the event, reason why their performance didn`t disapointed nor thriled the audience at the festival`s opening.Practicing a somewhat diferent aesthetic, neo-psychedelic with dabs of "trance music", Saturnia kept distant and used, abundantly, pre-recorded sounds.From their floating performance, centered mainly on the "The Glitter Odd" album, the colourful experimentalism given by Simões playing theremin, electric sitar and violin bow on electric guitar, stood out.

2003 Portugal Progressivo Eduardo Mota