Saturnia + Õlga + Pink Poetry, Os Combatentes (LIsbon), 24 January

(...)Saturnia are allready halfway into their set (...)some choose to sit on the floor and travel
through the stars, leting themselves be carried by the exotic psychedelia of the duo Luis Simões/Francisco Rebelo.With a new album in their hands, Hydrophonic Gardening, Saturnia consolidate their hypnotic music, placed inbetween pinkfloydian atmospheres and urban rhythms, and evoke polution free natures, distant planets, mysterious civilizations, cosmic trips and whatever imagination dictates.If the previous musicians(refering to ölga, the band that played before saturnia) did music for films, Saturnia draw soundtracks for dreams.And sometimes also for nightmares when they use and abuse distortion, theremin and noisy efects that assault the most sensible hears.But there are those who don`t get bothered by that: not the ones sitting on the floor, but those who stood up, sleepwalkers, absorbed in the rhythm of sensations

Rita Guerreiro  27/01/2004 BLITZ