Saturnia-hydrophonic Gardening

The soundtrack of a science fiction film. The sound of waves on a hot summer day. The frightening driping of water on friday the 13th. The watering of sunflowers with birdsong as soundtrack... or an elevator full of japanese yupies? Several are the scenarios to wich we are transported  by Hydrophonic Gardening.

What remains after the silence is a quieteness that makes you fall asleep better. Or maybe not. Electronica and psychedelic rock's instrumentation dilute and make way to an atmospheric sound with mystical passages that calm you down and also make you nervous.
Assumed as conceptual. To be listened as a whole and not as a group of pieces. The third Saturnia album is full of litlle sounds and experimental ideas.
If, on the one hand, the slow pace and apparent symplicity might get you tired on a few auditions,  on the other hand it is almost impossible not to like this record or to think of it as umpleasent.
Pointing out the high moment of the album is impossible, but it also is impossible to point the weekest: the whole is responsible for the success or unsuccess of  a record without explosions that lives on the edge. Sonic intensity and psychedelic drama prove that Saturnia are a very interesting project that may stop beeing just that if they insist in the repetition of a formula.

Blitz 10/02/2004 Mario Vieira