Saturnia- "Hydrophonic Gardening"

These Portuguese trippers are at it again with more head music for outer space, whether you're there physically (tell me how, I want to go) or just mentally. Saturnia is a duo that records their spontaneous studio jamming, then edits, overdubs, and alters it any way necessary to arrive at a groovy destination. You just know these guys are having fun playing with their Theremin, acoustic and electric sitars, and other various paraphernalia, musical and combustible. Sometimes they're just spacing like an aural lava lamp (which is amusing when I find that one of the songs is named "Lava Lamp"), and other times they add percussion and organ to lend the music some weight. Either way, the music is atmospheric space music fitted perfectly for stargazing. Though an earlier review of their previous disc referred to dance beats, there are none to be found here which I assume is for the better. Holy River Family Band listeners may welllike this. Similar states of mind are not required for full enjoyment.

Expose 04/2004 Mac Beaulieu