Hydrophonic Gardening
Mellow Records (MMP 451)

 Saturnia is a band that usually functions as a duo and was founded by Portuguese multi-instrumentalist Luis Simões in 1996. Compared to the previous album The Glitter Odd the music has changed into a bit more relaxed, and even more cosmic and psychedelic. The overall feel of the album is very mellow and soft. The machine beat is still there, but not so much in a trip hop/trance mode but usually in a pretty elegantly and with ethnic flavours. Only the second track "Kozmische" has some more aggressive drum stuff. The starter of the album is the title track full of very ambient stuff with water sounds etc. One of the best tracks is "Sunflower" that is actually quite close to the releases of Fit & Limo with its soft, magical acid folk atmosphere with flute, acoustic guitar and wonderful keyboards. It also has some vocals, as do a couple of my other favourites. The magnificent "Vimania" is very oriental in mood because of the sitar and other instruments. I'm strongly reminded of Pink Floyd particularly by the last track "Omnia" that is one of the best tracks on the CD for sure. Hydrophonic Gardening is a totally amazing album of great soft psychedelia full of vintage keyboards, floating guitars, ethnic instruments, beautiful vocals, theremin and technology.

 PsychotropicZone 10/2004 Santtu Laakso