Saturnia - "Muzak"

Right off the bat, this new platter sliding my way from Stefan at Elektrohasch made me stand up & take notice. First off is the nipple cover pic. That's an eye catcher. :-) Secondly, it's not every day of the week that I end up getting a disc from a band in Portugal. All that aside however, it's the music that counts, so what kind of goods does SATURNIA deliver on this, their reported 4th (at least) album? This is psych, and of the late '60's bent. Don't take that to mean it's lightweight or un-heavy, but what I'm trying to say is that it's in what I'd figure to be the Iron Butterfly sort of area...which is fine listening! The 2-piece does excellent work invoking that peace, love & understanding feel with all kindsa nifty instrumentation like mellotron, tabla, flute & the like. It's all worked into a jamming feel that comes to a peak in the stunning track, "Infinite Chord." But listen to the whole CD, as it's as cool trip as you can take!

Chaos Realm 02/2007 Ray