Saturnia -Muzak

  I don't know if this type of music will appeal to everyone here, it probably won't, but I will post the review here anyway and then you can decide.
  If you are looking for heavy, crunching guitar driven music, you won't find it here. What you will find is pleasant progressive music, full of late 60's and early 70's influences.
Influences like the trippiness of Magical Mystery Tour era Beatles, some of the jazz leanings of Traffic, the spaciness of Fly Like an Eagle era Steve Miller Band,
a little King Crimson and Nektar. Blend them all together and Saturnia might be the finished product, I would believe.
  Saturnia is very pleasing to my ears. All the music is very melodic and trippy and it seems to just roll dreamily on. One can hear organs, mellotrons, flutes,
sitars and so on intertwined with the standard bass, guitar and cleanly sung vocals.
  This cd will trip you out! If I still indulged, I would have while listening to this! Saturnia hail from Portugal.

Eat.nails 03/2007