It would most likely be impossible to review this album and not at least mention the nipple album cover. Bravo gentlemen. That is some nipple on your album cover. You’ve done well.
Saturnia is a psychedelic brainchild of Luis Simoes, who wrote and recorded the material on Muzak from 2003-2005 in Lisbon, Portugal.
The sound on the record is natural and far less stylized than much of the latter day modern hallucinogenic rock, relying on organ in the back to anchor rhythms and samples and lazy
vocals to carry the songs over. Lyrical themes are mostly the stuff of drug-induced spirituality and mind expansion. Same could be said of the music, really, but it works.
With Muzak, it’s mainly a question of mood, and Simoes creates a dream within a dream, something wholly surreal, so that by the time you hit “UtterlyLuminescent” (track eight of a total 10),
the walls have started to melt and all the clocks are spinning backwards. It’s a great way to lose your mind.

The Aquarium 3/2007 JJ Koczan