Saturnia - Muzak

There are several ways to attract my attention through the tottering towers of CDs vying for review. One of those ways is to have a pert, naked breast on the front cover of your record. Nothing else, just that. So props to Portugese spacerockers Saturnia. Of course, my vengeance would be swift and merciless were the musical content not up to scratch, but this is an excellent offering.
Mind you, the rear sleeve was nearly as exciting as the front, with one track featuring Nik Turner and another featuring Daevid Allen. Which is why it pleases me no end to laud the Turner flute enhanced 'Organza' as the out and out winner here. Mind you, it's run a close second by the trippy 'Infinite Chord'. Although there a couple of lesser moments hither and thither, their dub heavy take on the spacerock tip is a fine one.

And yes there is a song called 'Nipple'. Children, children...

Space Rock UK  23/03/2007 Stuart A Hamilton