The Real High

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Alpha Omega Alpha
There's not a week track in the set.
Highest recomendation!
Aural Innovations

Another impressive album by the Portuguese electronic psych act
Clear Spot

Great album.
Writing about music
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Saturnia have produced a classic slice of space-rock

Muzak is not definitely from this world
Eclipsed magazine

This cd will trip you out!

Each and every one of the albums ten  tracks are masterpieces.
Totally mind-blowing stuff
Psychotropic Zone

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Hydrophonic Gardening
 Hydrophonic Gardening is a totally amazing album...
Psychotropic Zone

A  highly refined trippy psychedelic voyage ...
This trip is truly
Eclipsed magazine

Saturnia take you there.
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The Glitter Odd
A work that surprises
redefining the
most classical rules of this genre.
Its abstract beauty casts instant magnetism
Atropos Magazine
This album is simply brilliant.
Incredibly intelligent and strangely compelling music
at all times...
The Modern Dance

A psychedelic feast
for the mind...
Aural Innovations
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Saturnia  have clearly discovered (and rediscovered) new aural life forms.
Exposé magazine
Sound for the dawn
of the new millenium.

Saturnia are very original and definitely offer
something different.
Aural Innovations
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