Stranded in the Green
Sulatron Records
1     Pan Arrives   
2     Keep it Long    
3     Fibonacci Numbers
4     Smoking in the Sun  
5     Super Natural    
6     When I'm High    
7     Perfectly Lonely     
8     Butterfly Collector    
9     Just let Yourself Go  
All music and lyrics written and performed by Luís Simões
Luís Simões: Vocals, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar,Acoustic sitar, Guitar pedals, Hammond organ, Philicorda organ, Rhodes Piano, Acoustic piano, Tampura, Bass guitar, Bass Pedals,Synthesizer,Sampled keyboards, Gong, Chimes and Drums on all tracksAna Vitorino: Spoken word on “pan arrives” - Winga: Djembe on “keep it long”
Produced by Luís Simões, recorded on and off between the Spring of 2018 andthe summer of 2020 at Lagoa do Calvo, Palmela, mixed August 2020 by Luís Simões at Butterfly Sound, Linda-a-Velha mastered September 2O20 by Ricardo Bravo at Crossover Studio, Linda-a-Velha.
Photographs by João Bordeira and Luís Simões, Cover artwork design by Luís Simões