(...)the project is called Saturnia, it seems to be coming out of Linda-a-Velha and it feeds of a main mentor, Luis Simões.The Saturnia cd  we received is realy a hymn to adventure in the wonderful and inexhaustible world of sounds.Solidly grasping strong rhytmic textures, the Saturnia sound uses many things, from wich the glorious sitar , lap steel guitar, organ and sintesizers, gongs, voices and many loops stand out.Above all Saturnia has a very special guest, called "ideia"  and it is exactely in front of that, that the whole record parades. Of the six pieces in the Saturnia debut (almost all of them long in duration) Interstellar Rainbow Lung caught our attention, an entire piece of completeness that is and sounds, colorful and spacious, and simultaneously psichedelic and rootsy.Saturnia`s music is full of modernity despite its numberless waves to hippie nostalgia, wich is not enough to destroy the attention of  anyone who is not  into this.In fact the sound, no matter how barroque and sophisticated it is, (almost) always has the fundamental, pulsanting alliance of a very pertinent groove.Saturnia is a really great surprise in the end tip of 99, it is of course sound for the dawn of the new milenium.The curiosity to see Luis Simões transposing to stage the sound situations of Saturnia remains .

voice #15 28/10/99  Antonio sergio