The Glitter Odd
Elektrohasch Records EH 132

1     Chrysalis       
2     Bliss               
3     Still Life          
4     A Trick Of The Light    
5     Azimuth/Menadel    
6     Organo     6:35
7     Borealis     6:51
8     The Glitter Odd

All Music and Lyrics written and performed by Luis Simoes
Recorded, produced and mixed by Luis Simoes between mid 2000 and january 2001 at Butterfly Sound. Mastered by Joe Fossard.
Luis Simoes: Vocals, Electric and Acoustic guitar(picked, bowed and e-bowed), Lap steel guitar, Acoustic sitar, Bass guitar, Philicorda and Hammond organ, Synthesizer, Theremin,   Gong, Chimes, Sampled keyboards and Sequencing
Artwork by Luis Simoes and Mackintoxico, Photographs by Barbara Marques, Joao Nogueira, Eduardo Vasconcelos, Helder Bras and  Ines Dias