2001, space odity

What would happen if Ravi Shankar decided to line up with Pink Floyd? or Bill Laswell decided to give a hand to Blasted Mechanism? Forgive me the comparison, but the result would have to come close to the psychedelic space "chill-out" of Saturnia, Luis Simões`s and Francisco Rebelo`s (cool hipnoise`s bassist) project that is helped by synthesizers and some electronic wonders. Moreover, and as main ingredient, inspiration and (why not?) the boys good taste, who, not being producers of melodies (or songs if you prefer) as such, create involving atmospheres and very positive energies.
That`s how last friday night started in palco 6 in Park of the Nations, now and finally with an esplanade around it, wich brings more people to these "High fidelity" nights that, sadly and undeservedly, have been, with rare exceptions, short of public.
Saturnia had no better luck; in terms of quantity. Because who was there was involved in the psychedelic web of this sonic plot. A space trip to "planetalucinated", that seems to cross space-rock, as a provider of floating and ethereal trance states, without defined route.And why not a stroll through the forest? The strident squeels coming from the stage, wich moved away one or another middle-aged passerby (these wheren`t present in significant numbers, anyway) evoked appropriate nocturnal scenes, where bird song or the sound of rain (wich curiously, answered the call for real) marked their place in a true hymn to the ancestral forces of Nature.On the other hand, the contemporary rhythms also emerged out of the musical construction, creating this particular galaxy that "The Glitter Odd " is, the band`s debut album,  just released by a New zealand label. Between pictures of suspense films and sleepless hallucination propitious fumes, these two wizards of the guitar and the keyboard really revealed to have sonic powers... "

Blitz 10/2001 C.S.