The multidimensional gate of psychedelia opens majestic to present us a new  Portuguese duo of impressive abstraction.Saturnia are Luis Simoes (electric and acoustic guitars, sitar, lap steel, voice, theremin, gong, rythms) and Francisco Rebelo (organ, sintesizer, gong, rythms).They classify their work as a mixture of  classic psichedelia and progressive head music of the 70`s with contemporary rythmical elements.A very good description.If their original sound is absolutely "seventies", with  floydian "more "/"ummagumma"-era ambiance, (we even found waters similarities in the voice), the rhytms are almost totally neo-psych 90´s, readapting and generating psych rock that nourishes of both decades.Imagine that Steve Wilson and Bank of Gaya had participated in the sessions of  a mid 90`s "Meddle" ... Curiously, the final result is totally seventies, reaching trully fabulous moments of dreamlike kraut.This is the case of "Still Life" or "a Trick of the Light", where they can be related with Mythos or Yatha Sidhra.The organ, theremin, sitar or lap steel (unusual instrument that sounds simply brilliant) are the main protagonists. The almost parapsicological feeling can be appreciated throughout the ectoplasmic listen.Cascading cuts that rival by the brilliance of their execution:"Azimuth/Menadel ", "Borealis", "Chrysalis", "bliss", "Organo" or "The Glitter Odd" - pure "Zeit" period Tangerine Dream!! . A work that surprises redefining the most classical rules of this genre.Its abstract beauty casts instantant magnetism.One of the best head records of the year (...)Saturnia deserve a concert in Pompey, Mérida or the amphitheatre of Caesar augusta(...)Truly superb.

Atropos Magazine #16 Julio J.I.