Revisionist or not, Saturnia`s music impregnates the senses with the vibrations of  a timeless "rave" , where psychedeila, cosmic chill out , trance and dance converge in spirals where past and future cross. If in the previous album of Luis simões and Francisco Rebelo`s group where the references to "space music" of the 70`s, personified by Gong, Ashra or the Ozric Tentacles,were obvious, in "The Glitter Odd"a more ethereal side blessed by Pink Floyd stands out (Air are another of its godsons and that doesen`t make anybody feel shocked), in pieces such as "still Life" or the sequence "trick of the light"/"Azimuth/Menadel" where the same type of experimentalism of "Ummagumma" looms . The rest is ondulating sintesizers, space trip-hop and, in the title track that closes "The Glitter Odd", finally the magical touch in the gong capable of throwing saturnia to the far end of the "pot head pixies"galaxy. Saturnia`s saturn may not be the same planet, of primordial chaos, inhabited by sun Ra, but this trip beyhond the earth`s orbit  is much worthier than any session without tomorrow in the "dance floors".

Publico 09/11/2001 Fernando Magalhães