"... Saturnia face the laboratory with an almost cosmic direction, moving in a suspended territory between ambient electronica and psychedelia."The Glitter Odd ", the debut album, released through New zealand label Cranium Music, besides having called upon itself some international attention, is, without doubt, one of the great surprises in this year`s Portuguese records. Luis Simões mentions Satumia as "an entity", that is led by him, but also takes the reins itself. This "entity" started to manifest itself in 1996,  it had, in the meantime, several incarnations (being Luis Simões the undeterrable element) but is now crystallized in a duo formation that includes Francisco Rebelo (Cool Hipnoise, Spaceboys). To the question on the name that one can give to the thing, that is, what type of music is Saturnia, Luis Simões gives a conclusive reply: "considering the several parts of Satumia and also the more generic influences such as Indian music, classic contemporary music, the composers of concrete music, but also  late 60`s psichedelic rock and early 70´s pre-progressive rock, you can put everything in a great bag and get something that is not very popular in mainstream terms but already is in the underground wich is Head Music". This "music for the head" instead of an intellectual challenge is much more of a sensorial stimulation.Satumia`s music has a dream like dimension, it is capable to create images, what comes from its psychedelic roots and relates to one of the projects original ideas - the union between music and image. "The Glitter Odd" is so disaligned with the usual trends and simultaneously so modern that it really works as a breath of fresh air..

Diario de noticias 24/11/2000 Isilda Sanches