Biography 1996/2021

Saturnia is a Psychedelic Rock Artist from Lisbon, Portugal, a creation of multi instrumentalist producer Luis Simões on guitar, sitar, bass pedals, theremin, gong, organ, synthesizer, electric piano, mellotron and vocals.

Formed in the mid nineties by Luis Simões, originally intended to be a communal band Saturnia ended up as a one-man album band, making extremely rare live appearances of Luis Simões plus a guest musician.
Luis Simões has been heading Saturnia and recording essentially on his own Saturnia's eight album discography with a few selected guests, notably Daevid Allen (Gong), Nik Turner (Hawkwind) and Stefan Koglek (Colour Haze), in a reclusive, secretive and success-scornful way, with considerable critical acclaim, for 20 years, making Saturnia the longest running psychedelic Portuguese artist.

Although Saturnia's debut album was a fusion of classic psychedelia with, then, contemporary electronic rhythms, Saturnia's present sound retained hardly anything of its early electronic influences and is much in the spirit of traditional late sixties/early seventies Psychedelic-Space rock-proto Progressive bands; with definite nods to artists like Pulsar, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Can, King Crimson, The Doors, Tangerine Dream and even at times dabs of Weather Report or Ravi Shankar.
Saturnia's stoned trance moody music is dominated by layers of synthesizers, organ, guitars or sitar that weave warm ambiences, alluring effects and drifting melodies around Cool grooves, toped by Simões's soft and haunting vocals.

”Saturnia delivers it all.”

“Incredible, undenieable talent”
Pepper Zone

“I'm impressed and completely blown away”
Lowcut magazine

“There’s something lysergic in the water in Portugal - fortunately for the populace, multi-instrumentalist  Luis Simões drank it all up.”
Live journal

“Simões creates a dream within a dream, something wholly surreal”
The Aquarium

“It is music in capitals”

“Saturnia is without doubt one of the best psych rock stoner bands out there”


“Creative and challenging, a true joy to hear.”
Concrete web

“Very European, very soothing, and very recommended.”